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Russian Military Radio Receiver R-326M all Solid State
Russian Military Radio Receiver R-326M all Solid State

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Russian Military Radio Receiver R-326M all Solid State, Comes with front cover, power supply and 110 to 220VAC converter. USSR type R-326M is a self-contained HF intercept or monitoring receiver developed in the late 1970s. It replaced the R-323. The receiver was used either as a man-pack or man-portable, but was also fitted in vehicles. Frequency coverage is 1.5-32 MHz in 7 ranges. Reception of AM R/T and CW signals. Four mechanical filters (switchable from 0.5 to 6kHz). Digital type of VHF heterodyne with dividers. A digital readout is fitted on this receiver. The R-326M is fully transistorised using LSI/CMOS chips. Various outputs are available for panorama adapters etc. The receiver is powered by batteries fitted in a compartment at the rear of the set. A separate AC mains supply for this set provides 9V and 12V DC.

SKU: r326m3-3679a
Dimensions: 12x12x12
Weight: 45.00
Price: $645.00 


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