• AN/URT-44 Beacon Set Radio
    AN/URT-44 Beacon Set Radio
    AN/URT-44 Beacon Set Radio,
    Price: $225.00
  • Repair and Servicing of ITT Mackay Radios, Amps, and Tuners MSR-8000, 8000D, 5050 8050, 1020, 3030, 4030 etc.
    Repair and Servicing of PRC-174 Transceivers
    Professional Repair of your PRC-174 Transceiver.

    Note: This price is for 1 hour of service to troubleshoot and determine an estimate for parts and remaining labor for repair of your radio.  This one time charge is non-refundable.

    You are responsible for shipping your radio to us and back and paying for those shipping charges.  Within 1-week of receipt of your radio, we will respond with an estimate of what it will take to complete the repair of the radio.  You are under no obligation to continue with the repairs if you do not wish to.  If you decline the repairs, we will promptly ship the radio back to you.

    The service is performed by a retired professional with many years of experience, he is using NIST traceable calibrated instruments.

    The service hourly rate will be $85/hr, and parts (if in Stock at American-Milspec, will be discounted 10%)

    Upon placing your order, you will be e-mailed a downloadable set of instructions on how to ship your equipment.


    Price: $125.00
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